Sound Alignment 2.0 provides a relational blueprint to gather a divinely orchestrated team to accomplish your vision. Sound Alignment 2.0 helps you to avoid common pitfalls so that you can fulfill your God-sized dream.

Updated with new real-life case studies across business and ministry, Sound Alignment 2.0 offers practical strategies to help you:

   * Get unstuck, if you have been delayed
   * Move faster if your speed isn't what it could be
   * Receive God's provision if you have lack
   * Get the breakthrough you need
   * Receive God's blessing
   * Hear His, "Well done"!

Who is this book for?

If you are a leader, spouse, team member or anyone
seeking to fulfill your purpose!

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What Others Are Saying About Sound Alignment 2.0

Os Hillman

“Sound Alignment positions you for the Lord’s blessing on your Kingdom assignment, what even the most seasoned leader needs.”

Os Hillman
President, Marketplace Leaders and Author, Today God is First

Os Hillman, Marketplace Leaders

"Dr. Needham gives the Body of Christ an unprecedented revelation of what it takes to bring a cohesive and divinely orchestrated force together to fulfill your vision! I was mesmerized by every page that I read, as I realized that this work is without a doubt, a download from Heaven to answer so many of the "why's" that churches, businesses, partnerships and I would even say marriages, have or haven't worked! With scriptural precision, Cheryl-Ann enlightens the reader on a brand-new paradigm of noticing, understanding and evaluating sound. I have never read anything even remotely close to what you'll find in these pages."

Johathan S. Potter
Senior Pastor, Canvas Church
Author, Spiritual Identify Fraud

"This volume is the single, best Kingdom marketplace leadership read I’ve made in over a decade. Compelling, pertinent and laced with wisdom, it is a timely-must for the business owner/partner of any Kingdom venture/enterprise.."

Morris Ruddick
Author, Consultant, Missionary
President/Founder, Ruddick Int’l Group
Founder, Strategic Intercession Global Network

"This book will teach you to prepare yourself to hear, shift yourself into alignment, and then take action empowered through love, relationship and obedience to His every Word. Be ready to be changed, and be ready to see God’s glory come forth like n ever before as you divinely harmonize with your God."

Robert Ricciardelli
Founder, Converging Zone Network
Founder, Visionary Advancement Strategies

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