The Movie Intern & Proper Focus

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The movie, Intern (2015) is a classic example of Proper Focus!

Jules, played by Anne Hathaway is an uptight millennial tech founder of a fast growing company. Unknown to her, she is assigned a senior intern, Ben age 70, played by Robert De Niro.

The two are an unlikely pairing because Jules doesn’t want an inter. After all, how could someone that old possibly help Jules?

Yet here is where the story gets interesting.

Ben remains loyal and helps out wherever he can, even doing the jobs no one else wants to do. After seeing his faithfulness, Jules begins to soften and ultimately begins relying on Ben in more significant ways. In fact, by the end of the movie, Ben plays a key role in preserving the company Jules founded.

How is this movie a poster child for Proper Focus?

Ben knew his role and and responsibility level and never once changed focus.

Although at times his expertise could have saved the day, he was content to hold his position.

Rather than show up at the job site with an air of arrogance (after all, Ben had previously overseen his former company in the exact building Jules now housed her company), he remained humble and sought to help others.

Ben didn’t break rank and even seemed to enjoy his intern role which was the secret to his success and Jules success as well.

Next time you get frustrated that you are not in a role that is as significant as you would like, remember to stay the course. Be faithful. Contribute where you can. In due time, you will move forward.