Dr. Cheryl-Ann Needham, MEd, PhD

A strategic adviser, thought leader, speaker and author

Dr. Cheryl-Ann Needham’s passion is to see the Remnant rise in the fullness of “Christ in them, the hope of Glory”!

Cheryl-Ann Needham, PhD, MEd is a strategic advisor of 20 years, thought leader, speaker and author. She has advised leaders in over $500 million dollars of confirmed financial decisions based on a deep tenure of hearing God’s voice.

Cheryl-Ann has 20 years advisory experience to emerging companies, entrepreneurial, corporate, and ministry sectors. She provides strategic and prophetic counsel to leadership teams entrusted with unique Kingdom Mandates. Cheryl-Ann advises on strategies, blueprints, inventions, timing, and alignments to accomplish Kingdom missions for clients serving in a variety of industries including: Natural resources (gold, oil, gems), energy, media, aviation, Fortune 100 services, biotechnology, health services, entertainment, cooperative, online businesses and others.

Cheryl-Ann and her husband, Dr. Robert A. Needham founded Steward NOW which equips global leaders in innovative systems and structures to steward their Kingdom Mandates. She is also a frequent speaker, trainer, and guest on television and radio. Cheryl-Ann has also traveled internationally working with business and philanthropic initiatives to establish Kingdom principles in closed countries.

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She released her book, Sound Alignment in 2012 and due to popular demand, Sound Alignment 2.0 in 2016.

Formerly, Cheryl-Ann served the corporate sector as an Organization Development Consultant for 16 years.

Cheryl-Ann received her PhD in Business-Christian Entrepreneurship from Christian University of Southern Indiana, has a MEd from Wayne State University, a Mini-MBA in Marketing from St. Thomas University, and a B.S. in Communication from University Wisconsin-Madison.

Cheryl-Ann was ordained as a governmental prophet in 2012.

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Sound Alignment 2.0 provides a relational blueprint to gather a divinely orchestrated team to accomplish your vision.

Updated with new real-life case studies of leaders and their teams across business and ministry, Sound Alignment 2.0 offers clear strategies to help you avoid common pitfalls. Based on the study of sound and Scripture, Sound Alignment 2.0 helps you to:

  • Get unstuck, if you have been delayed
  • Move faster, if your speed isn't what it could be
  • Receive God's provision, if you have lack
  • Get the breakthrough you need
  • Receive God's blessing
  • Hear His, “Well done!”

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Reaching the World...

  • Over 20 Years Advising Leaders.

    For over 20 years Cheryl-Ann has advised a diverse clientele ranging from individuals to corporate board rooms in both business & ministry.

  • Impactful Webinars

    In addition to appearances on television and radio, Cheryl-Ann teaches internationally via webinar to open enrollment students.

  • Speaking

    Available for Public Speaking, Custom-designed Webinars corporate or ministry.  Use the Contact Us page to tell Chery-Ann how she may serve you.

What Other People Are Saying About Cheryl-Ann

Bill Bojan

Cheryl-Ann’s presence in our mandate was foundational to our success. God’s council through Cheryl-Ann carried us through ups and downs and twists and turns. He gave amazing clarity, direction, and help with key decisions facing us. God used Cheryl-Ann to accurately prophesy our future and also gave us key steps to take so that the team was equipped for what we would face down the road. I would highly recommend Cheryl-Ann to any business owner with a God-size calling.

Bill Bojan
Founder & CEO, Integrated Governance Solutions

Bill Bojan, Integrated Governance Solutions
Jeri & Lisa D’Orazio

Cheryl-Ann’s insights and clarity have profoundly impacted our marriage, our business, and future. Like a skillful surgeon, God used her to precisely identify issues affecting us and gave us practical steps to follow. Her language is simple and understandable and we were constantly amazed at how much God knows and cares about our lives!

Jeri & Lisa D’Orazio
Jeri, Chief Operating Officer for Firstfruits Foundation, Shiloh
Warm Springs Ranch Garden Creek Farms, and Living Waters Ranch
Lisa, Office Manager of Living Waters Ranch

Jeri & Lisa D’Orazio, Firstfruits Foundation
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