Your Unique DNA

Physical science has discovered that your DNA has a unique sound!

Scientists can now isolate your DNA, identify the elements or sound frequencies that comprise its unique string, and play the sound of those elements on a computer. You are a unique instrument!

Made in the image of God and created through Christ Jesus, you have a unique Glory DNA from your heavenly Father that no one on planet Earth has ever possessed.

When you walk into a room, your sound interacts with the sounds of the others, and a compilation of songs, frequencies, vibrations, and wavelengths emerges. This new sound moves the atmosphere and reaches your Father’s ears. Together these songs become worship, an orchestra in the making.

Scripture indicates that sound is a critical factor in winning battles (David against the Philistines), taking territory (the fall of Jericho), responding to the cries of the oppressed (God delivering Israel), answering the need for justice (the persistent widow), and even calling men and women to their Heavenly purpose (the 12 disciples).

Science demonstrates that everything has sound, and the purpose of sound is to move things. In fact, sound is movement and movement is sound!  Sound is an invisible force or agent helping us to forward His purposes through our lives and fulfill our destinies!