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Strategic Advisor

In today's environment, every leader and organization, no matter its size or sector, faces countless "make or break" decisions. One wrong step can cost years of time and money. Clouded by the myriad of possibilities, leaders often get side tracked and pay the price.

Yet, these same decisions, when navigated with target clarity of the future and precise decision-making certainty for the present can become fuel for competitive advantage, market opportunity and overall success of the vision.

This requires purposeful action - a new way to stay on course, navigate risks, and illuminate opportunities.

Dr. Needham has worked with leaders in business and ministry world-wide. Specifically, her clients learn how to:

  • Stay on course
  • Navigate risks
  • Illuminate opportunities

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Roger Gauthier

Dr. Needham’s clarity in hearing God on my behalf was spot on! She provided a path to grow in intimacy with Christ and in developing my business.

Roger Gauthier TriVision Global


Current Times Require Relevant Messages

In addition to appearances on television and radio, Cheryl-Ann has taught international audiences in ministry and business venues for the past 20 years. She has also been a frequent trainer and coach via webcast.


  • Public speaking
  • Custom training
  • Ministry or corporate engagements


  • Currency of HonorLiving
  • Naked & Unashamed
  • Hearing God’s Voice
  • Millennial Systems & Structures
  • Faith vs. Wisdom – Stewarding Finances
  • Living Free!
  • Babylon Busters Arise
Dr. Joseph Peck

Dr. Cheryl-Ann Needham is a master communicator, master presenter, master trainer, and master coach. She understands outcome-based learning and knows how to connect with people's heads and hearts. Perhaps most importantly, Cheryl-Ann knows how to hear from the Master to receive divine inspiration, revelation, and illumination bringing creative ideas to those she serves. As the founder of the Master's Dream Academy, I have had the privilege of hosting or facilitating numerous live global broadcasts (webcasts) with Cheryl-Ann. She has consistently been one of our best and most popular speakers. I highly recommend her as a thought leader and speaker with innovative content and solutions. 

Joseph Peck, M.D.
The Time Doctor
Empowering Dreams
Author, I Was Busy Now I'm Not

Dr. Joseph Peck, Empower 2000
Joey Edge

Throughout the last seven years we have experienced God divinely connecting us to other very strategic parts of His remnant Body that have been critical to our mandate.  None of our connections could have been more significant than our introduction and relationship with Cheryl-Ann.  Within minutes of being in her presence the “why?” was answered.  Her wisdom and deep intimacy with God became quickly apparent.  God has given her a rare combination of gifts and talents that we have had the honor of leveraging.  Her gifts include a solid prophetic voice that has brought us insight and clarity.  Her passionate and down to earth way of communicating creates a challenging but comfortable environment. When you incorporate all of her gifts, talents, and abilities combines with her business acumen I am confident that you will find she is radically different than any business coaching and consulting opportunity that you would receive elsewhere.

Joey Edge
The Edge Companies

Joey Edge, The Edge Companies
Larry Hill

Cheryl-Ann's speaking style is both dynamic and engaging. She actively involved us in the process of discovery and kept us intrigued with poignant examples that delivered a punch. We greatly benefited from Cheryl-Ann's teaching and recommend her for your ministry or business community.

Larry Hill
CalPro Research

Larry Hill, CalPro Research