(dup) Prophetic Coaching with Cheryl-Ann

Move Forward in 2020!

I’m so glad you said Yes to hearing more about Personal Prophetic Coaching!

I love coaching with Holy Spirit! Only Holy Spirit knows who you are, where you’ve been, what your unique situation is, and how to get you moving forward faster so that you can begin living your future now!

So let me ask if any of these questions fit you:

  • Do you feel the rumble of your dreams stirring within you but you can’t quite land on exactly what that dream is?
  • Do you look at your future and desperately want to get there, but you don’t know how?
  • Do you wonder, “What am I missing that if I had it, would propel me forward and fulfill the dream within me?”
  • Do you want to move faster by knowing exactly what steps God’s Spirit would have you to take?
  • “Why do I keep getting stuck doing the same things over and over and I want to break free”?

Or … perhaps you know where you’re going, but you have key decision to make so that you maximum your time and reach your goals faster?

If any of those sound like you, then I have something you will want to hear.

No matter where you are in your journey towards your dream, whether you’ve been at it for awhile or whether you are just starting . . . everyone goes through the same questions, challenges, and road blocks. Everyone.

The key through these questions and challenges is having someone to help you along the way. Heck, even I have a coach!

In case you’re wondering what this is all about. Let’s start with the basics:

What is Personal Prophetic Coaching?

In a nutshell Prophetic Coaching is a wonderful blend of coaching combined with the power of Holy Spirit ministry.

Face it, most prophetic ministry leaves you with no clue as to HOW to move towards your prophetic destiny. Not only that, you aren’t given the opportunity to debrief with someone and actually discuss how what you heard applies to you! And if that isn’t frustrating enough, you aren’t often given a game plan to follow to get you moving forward.

That’s why I love the power of Personal Prophetic Coaching. Only Holy Spirit knows who you are, where you’ve been, and how to get you into your future!

How Might Holy Spirit Minister to You?

Generally, there is a combination of all three types of ministry.

Word of Knowledge

This is information about you (your past or your present) that can be immediately confirmed by you. Holy Spirit may speak about your life, your patterns, your challenges, your successes, your finances, your family, your relationships, your dreams, your purpose, your decisions, etc.


This is information regarding your future, whether that be your near future or some years down the road. You will generally resonate with prophecy that is accurate for you. Prophecy serves as a target for your future where your faith (and sometimes your action as well) meets up with God’s plans for your life.

Word of Wisdom

This is often information about how to get from your present to your future, or how to approach a certain situation. Unfortunately, in most prophetic ministry, Word of Wisdom is the missing ingredient, yet I find this incredibly crucial in taking practical steps towards your future.

Here’s how these gifts work together:

Case Study 1:

Owners of a day care facility were losing business due to a new provider in town who was undercutting their rates. At a time when most companies would have increased their marketing efforts, Holy Spirit told the owners to stop the only marketing they were doing at the time. In the natural, you might expect that their business decreased even more however the opposite happened. When this Word of Wisdom was applied, their business increased substantially. In fact, the owners had so much business they opened a second, then third, then fourth location!

Case Study 2:

Holy Spirit revealed a long-standing pattern in a woman in which she anticipated the worst in almost any situation (Word of Knowledge). This left her paralyzed from moving forward and often put her at odds with others. Holy Spirit ministered to the root issues and the woman was able to begin trusting and believing the best about situations she faced! She then experienced personal prophecy about her future that she could now believe with the hindering pattern behind her.

Case Study 3: 

A client had scheduled meetings on Capitol Hill each with a different Congressman. Each meeting was only 15 minutes long so my client needed to be prepped by Holy Spirit as to who he was meeting with (Word of Knowledge), how he was to approach this person (Word of Wisdom) and the results he could expect (Prophecy). Praise God his meetings were successful because Holy Spirit knew what the client could expect and how to respond!

What’s the Personal Prophetic Coaching Process?

Now that you have a better understanding as to what Personal Prophetic Coaching is, here’s what that looks like on a step-by-step basis:

STEP 1: Personal Self-Assessment

You complete a private self-assessment that will be emailed to you. This will help you identify the key areas that we can work on together in your coaching appointments. This is generally for your eyes only unless you wish to share it with me at a later time.

STEP 2: First Prophetic Coaching Appointment – Let me minister to you!

This is like eating your dessert first!

I will seek the Lord before your appointment and release what He has for you during your coaching time. This has been so impactful for people as they feel “seen” and “heard” by the Lord in such intimate ways. Then, you will be able to process and discuss this further with me what that looks life in your life and how you walk that out. Other ministry from Holy Spirit may follow as time allows. Generally, a path for development begins to evolve at this point. Each appointment is 50 minutes long.

STEP 3: Your Key Target Points

You get to email me your top 3 target areas for us to discuss at your next appointment. Here are just a few of the items we might discuss:

  • Finances
  • Business goals
  • Personal goals
  • Decisions
  • Where you need clarity
  • The right path to pursue
  • Challenges/Blockages
  • Limiting beliefs/patterns
  • Family/relationships
  • Disappointments/Regrets
  • Identity
  • And so much more!

Prior to each appointment, I spend time with Holy Spirit on the target areas you emailed. This ensures that you get the best advice from the One who knows it all!

STEP 4: Your Second Coaching Appointment

You get to hear from Holy Spirit on your target areas and then discuss that. More ministry, advice, planning, etc. may follow. The best thing to know here is that this is an iterative process between Holy Spirit, yourself, and me. Rather than leaving you in the lurch as to how to apply what Holy Spirit would say to you, you get to discuss and process that just-in-time!

STEP 5: More, More, More

Each week, you’ll receive more ministry from Holy Spirit. You will have the opportunity to email me your 3 target points prior to each appointment. This ensures that you get what you want from your coaching time. Your Self-Assessment will continue to be helpful to keep you on track!

Well, that sums up the process.

Now let me ask you …

Are you excited to move into 2020 with the power of the Holy Spirit and a coach to help you?

Well, let’s take it to the next step then. 

How Can You Work with Me?

One size doesn’t fit all! 

That’s why I’ve created three unique coaching packages. From my experience, I’ve found that the best progress often occurs in cycles of three appointments. That’s why I’ve designed these particular coaching packages.

My typical rate for a 50-minute coaching session is $200. Since we are kicking off the New Year, I’m offering a tremendous discount so you pay only $150/session.

But wait! If you take advantage of the 6 or 12 session packages, you get even more discounts!

Package 1 – 3 Coaching Appointments

$450 Total for 3 appointments

Package 2 – 6 Coaching Appointments

$600 Total for 6 appointments (includes additional discount of $300)

Package 3 – 12 Coaching Appointments

$900 Total for 12 appointments (includes additional discount of $900)

I Want to Help You!

Life is hard. And you weren’t meant to go at it alone.

I know from personal experience, that even though I hear pretty clearly from Holy Spirit, I can get stuck or feel jumbled in my brain at times. Having a coach to work through my questions with helps me tremendously. 

In fact, I have a prophetic coach for myself! We meet weekly and I always take away something from her that brings me clarity and focus for the week ahead. I’d like to do the same for you.

So, are you in? I’d love to work with you!

Just click on the package below that best fits you at this time.

Once I receive confirmation you signed up, you will receive an email from me to schedule your first appointment. I’ll also send you your Self-Assessment. During your first appointment, we’ll discuss a schedule that works best for you.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me directly. Just remember, deadline for signing up is December 31st at midnight.  

Bless you and I so look forward to working with you!



Prophetic Coaching Package 1
(3 appointments)

Prophetic Coaching Package 2 
(6 appointments)

Prophetic Coaching Package 3
(12 appointments)