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Move Forward!
Coaching Series

Move Forward!

Coaching Series & Individual Prophetic Appointments


Many of you have messaged me saying, Hey, I loved your training and I’d like more help from you! What options do you have for me?

So let me ask if any of these questions fit you:

  • Do you feel the rumble of your dreams stirring within you but you can’t quite land on exactly what that dream is?
  • Do you look at your future and desperately want to get there, but you don’t know how?
  • Do you wonder, “What am I missing that if I had it, would propel me forward and fulfill the dream within me?”
  • Do you want to move faster by knowing exactly what steps God’s Spirit would have you to take?
  • “Why do I keep getting stuck doing the same things over and over and I want to break free”?

If any of those sound like you, then I have something you will want to hear.

No matter where you are in your journey towards your dream, whether you’ve been at it for awhile or whether you are just starting . . . everyone goes through the same questions, challenges, and road blocks. Everyone.

The key through these questions and challenges is having someone to help you along the way AND journeying with others like you.